Trips for one or two

August 5, 2013

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 Hike the Great Wall, Climb the Mountains in Exotic Borneo.....
  ... Compete with the horses in Mongolia, Try some Yak Butter Tea in Tibet...  
Asia is a land of many peoples, boasting many ethnic groups. While cycling or hiking on our tours, you could meet anyone from the extrovert "Cantonese" of the South to the quiet "Yao" in the mountain villages of the North. It's these people and their environment, experienced from the seat of a Mountain Bike or on foot, that make our tours unique. is based in Hong Kong and offers tours to all of China (including Tibet), Vietnam, Mongolia, Malaysia, New Zealand and Taiwan. We lead excursions each month, which gives us first hand understanding of the best roads in Asia for bike adventures
Unlike most cycling operations based outside of Asia, we have intimate insight into the diverse peoples, places, and cultures of the region. Our tour managers and local guides are bi-lingual and incorporate the best of both worlds, east and west, in one person.
The guiding philosophy of our tours is to ensure that adventure is not organized out. We organize enough that everyone gets what they desire from the tour, while not having to worry about logistics. All of our tours are vehicle supported, allowing each person to ride at their own pace. has tours ranging from short 3 day easy rides along the Pearl River Delta, to 14 day adventures in the Tibetan Highlands. We are always looking for new places to explore - if you have a special trip in mind, please let us know - we might be able to custom tailor a tour for you!Step into another world and explore the roads of Asia by bike or on foot with us...check out the drop down list of trips for one or two!