January 13, 2016

Terms and Conditions of Tours

*If you choose to cancel a confirmed booking, the following cancellation charges will apply from the date of our being informed.

         31 – 40 Days    30 % of tour fee

         16 – 30 Days    50 % of tour fee

         0 – 15 Days    Full Payment

*In cases where Mountainbikingasia.com must cancel a tour and your second or third choice is not acceptable to you, Mountainbikingasia.com and any associated agent(s) will grant a full refund to you minus any bank / service charges incurred.

(1)  The Company’s tour prices are based on the exchange rates of foreign currencies at the time of setting the tour prices, and the quoted prices of transportation and accommodation. In the case of considerable upward adjustment in exchange rates and sudden increase in the prices of transportation and accommodation, the Company reserves the right to make adjustment to tour prices before full payment is made. Affected tour participants shall be given the choice of either paying such additional amount or withdrawing from the tour and receiving a full refund within seven working days.

(2)  If the number of tour participants falls below the minimum number prescribed for the tour or under other special circumstances beyond the Company’s control, the Company reserves the right not to dispatch a tour manager to a tour. Local guides will always be on the tour however.

(3)  The Company has the sole and absolute discretion to cancel or replace any items on the itineraries, and to shorten or lengthen the duration of any before or after its departure by reason of force majeure, such as wars, political instabilities, disasters, foul weather, technical problems of transportation means, strikes, industrial actions, etc. Any extra expenses or loss so incurred shall not be deemed as the responsibility of the Company, and tour participants shall not oppose any decision so made by the Company or withdraw from the tour because of the aforementioned reasons


In the case of any alteration made to the itinerary before departure because of the aforesaid Reasons, which results in an increase in the operation costs, the Company shall give tour participants the choice of either accepting the adjusted tour prices or receiving a reimbursement of the full amount paid within seven working days. In the case of an alteration that results in a reduction in the operation costs, tour participants shall be reimbursed an amount proportionate to the reduction in the operation costs within seven working days.

(4)   The standard number of participants for confirming a tour is between 2-6 dependent on destination and whether the tour is private or fixed date. The Company shall have the right to cancel any tour seven days before its departure due to changeable conditions. The Company shall not be liable to or responsible for the cancellation of tours.


If the Company cancels a tour less than seven days before its departure, the Company shall pay an additional three per cent of the tour price to tour participants who have made full payment of the tour price.

(5)  Tour participants using group air tickets / ferry tickets issued for the tour concerned shall depart and return with the tour on the dates specified. If tour participants wish to extend their stay, the Company shall endeavor to book air seats /ferry seats for the extension. However, failure to confirm such seats shall not be held as reason for withdrawal from the tour.

(6) All air tickets / ferry tickets / train tickets / hotel accommodation or sightseeing items are group bookings. Once confirmed and purchased in Hong Kong, there shall be no refund of any unused items under any circumstances.

(7) In the event of tour participants deliberately violating instructions or hampering the normal activities and interests of the tour manager or the group, the tour manager of the Company have the right to dispel such tour participants from the tour. No refund shall be made under such circumstances and the Company shall not be liable to or responsible for any act conducted by such tour participants when they cease to be members of the tour.

(8) Tour participants shall abide by the laws of different countries and shall not bring any contraband items. Violation of any such law shall be the responsibility of the tour participants.

(9) All transportation means (such as airplane, ferry, train, bus, etc), accommodation, meals, scenic spots or entertainment items arranged for tour participants are not owned, managed, or operated by the Company. Any aforesaid arrangements made on behalf of the tour participants by the Company, or any vouchers, exchange orders, receipts, contracts or tickets issued on behalf of the organizations which provide the aforesaid services are subject to any terms and conditions laid down by the organizations. The Company shall not be liable to or responsible for any delay in transportation, loss of or damage to luggage or property, and injury or death due to accident, etc. The tour participants shall direct any claim to the organizations which own, manage or operate the transportation means, hotels, restaurants, scenic sports or entertainment items concerned for any delay in transportation, loss or damage to luggage or property, and injury or death due to accident, etc. The Company shall not be liable to or responsible for any negligence or dereliction of duty caused by any person not employed by the Company. The tour participants shall conduct negotiation with the organizations concerned subject to the terms and conditions under which such services are provided. The Company shall not be liable to or responsible for any incident (for example, accident which occurs during an entertainment or amusement progamme) sustained by tour participants in the course of a tour, which results in injury or death, or loss of and damage to property.


(10) For international travel, most countries now require passports to be valid for six months after you return. You are responsible to obtain the necessary tourist visa (30 days is the most common), when that visa is not included in the service we provide. A valid air ticket with your name printed exactly as it appears in your passport, and to be in possession of any other necessary travel documents in advance of travel. This includes, but is not limited to, proper documentation for a single parent traveling with a child/children, documentation and/or letter from a doctor in the event of pregnancy and proper documentation for certain health conditions, etc. We take no responsibility for refunding any out-of-pocket expenditures related to, but not limited to, your travel preparations and en-route travel to your tour's point of commencement, such as flights, bank charges, passport/visa services, excess baggage charges, airport taxes, etc.


(11) Some of our tour itineraries include points of interest and lodging at well over 3000 meters elevation. In order to ensure your comfort and in order to prevent the disruption of the tour experience for other travellers, it is a requirement that all clients be in general good health. Therefore, it is imperative that persons with medical problems make them known to us as soon as possible in the booking process or, if a medical condition arises between the booking of the tour and its commencement, prior to departure. We reserve the right to disqualify a tour participant at any time if, in our sole judgement, such a person is deemed to be medically unfit for the tour experience. The Company assumes no liability regarding provision of medical care or any special medical accommodations. It is also your responsibility to ensure that you and those in your party consult with a medical professional and local health board to ensure that you comply with all recommended vaccinations and/or health requirements relevant to the destination(s) and modes of travel that are included in your tour. The Company will provide a pre-trip information pack to advise you on such matters, but will not be held liable for your failure to comply with or prepare for these, and any other, travel requirements enroute. Travel Insurance of sufficient coverage is the responsibility of the traveller.