January 13, 2016

Privacy Policy

All information gathered through our booking process and payment process from any client is protected on a secure server. Excel sheets or other types of documents received through group organizers or schools are deleted from our email and all printed copies are shredded in a reasonable time frame after tour completion. No information will be shared in any form with any other marketing organizations.


Passport Numbers, Passport names, Gender, Date of Birth, Expiries, Nationalities, Emergency contacts will be shared with travel operators, airlines, ticketing agencies, hotels, insurance and Government agencies as required for operation of tour. These entities have their own privacy policies and to our knowledge conform to similar guidelines as ours. We will not take responsibility for these entities upkeep of their own privacy policies.


Emails will be used for own marketing purposes. Unsubscibe options are available for recipient action.


Photographs, sound bytes and video clips of clients may be used in our website, facebook and email marketing. We will not identify any participants names with posted media when under our decision. We will not take responsibility for third party posts.


Written notice is needed for any objection. Written objections can come in the form of email , letter or fax and must state specifically the location of the objectionable media, a screenshot identification and when posted (in the case of facebook or other social media). Upon receipt we will make every effort to delete or modify questioned media.   The objection must be made by the person in the media and this will be verified.