It’s all about the people…

June 12, 2013


Junior has made his home in Macau and China for quite some years.  He hails from Brasil and his favorite food is Gnocci.  Junior is our specialist in Hainan Island and Castle House Tours as well as having experience leading Tibetan and Guizhou bike trips.  Junior is great to be around with his great laugh and sense of humour as well as sincerity in service.


Yohann hails from France and is our Hiking specialist.  He has lead numerous hikes on the Wild Wall, Tiger Leaping Gorge and Mount Huang.  He is an avid cyclist as well and has lead our bike tours throughout South and West China and Tibet .  Yohann loves his cheese and seems to find ways of getting the stinkiest around no matter where he is in the world. He is also fond of Tibetan Yak Butter Tea and Tsampa - well suited for this line of work.


Tim is our founder and the jack of all trades.  Occasionally you will find him leading an adventure and loving it just as much as he did from the first time he rode in China in 1984.  Tim hails from small town Oregon, USA but has spent over half his life in Hong Kong or China.  We don't let him lead any of the hiking trips as at his walking pace...well let's put it this way, he is faster on a bike.  Tim speaks Cantonese and Mandarin dialects as well as an American form of English.

    Mainland 462                                                      

Tim Kwok is a Hong Kong home town boy who will take any spare moment to ride his bike!  Able to make a friend with anyone living, he is a joy to be around.   Tim, as a Chinese speaking leader leads our local Chinese speaking school trips as well as cycling adventures filled with Chinese speaking participants.  He is a specialist in our Castle House Tour as well as our Biking Hong Kong's Wild side.


Joseph is founder of Children's Charity International working amongst the Left Behind Children in China.  He is an avid cyclist and resident of the NW New Territories where we bike on Hong Kong's Wild Side.  Joseph is one of our specialists for this tour.  Joseph hails from Singapore and is tri-lingual, fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin and English.


Jared hails from the USA and is our resident Hong Kong historian.  He is a specialist leader on our Biking Hong Kong's Wild Side.  Fluent in Cantonese and a village resident in our stomping ground of the NW New Territories, Jared loves getting out and really loves dimsum!  (our fantastic lunch on that tour)


Abu is our main guide with trips to Sichuan and Tibet.  With a background in mechanical engineering it is no wonder he has made a fleet of bamboo bikes! (we use these on our four day trip through Tibetan villages in scenic North Sichuan) Abu is Chinese and raised in Tibetan areas.  His understanding of Tibetan terrain and culture is unmatched.




Ahmadul is our man in Sabah, Malaysia.  He and his brothers work together to make a fun loving team!  Ahmadul in his younger days represented Malaysia in Triathalons.  He has learned to slow down for our groups and add to everyone's enjoyment. Ahmadul is versed at climbing Mt. Kinabalu, Cycling Fraser Ridge, Navigating the Padas River or showing his expertise in Wildlife and Bird recognition.


Jonathan aka  "JP"  has experienced our rides in South China and Tibet but so far no where in between!  JP is a multi cultured fellow having lived in various countries in Asia as well as the USA. JP is one of our specialists for Biking Hong Kong's Wild Side.


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Wil Lindesay is our Wild Wall expert.  Wil and his wife Qi host all our visitors to the Wild Wall at their comfortably renovated farmhouse.  Wil and his son are called upon often as experts on the history of the Walls of China by both the BBC and National Geographic.  Wil has spent most of his life in China, having been the first man to run the entire length of the wall. As a result he not only fell in love with China but also with Qi!  Avid trekkers, Wil and his son lead us on vivid historical journeys along the wild ruins of the Great Wall.


Tour Inclusions

July 30, 2014

We like to have everything prepared for you so you will have a hassle free experience.   Our inclusions typically start from Hong Kong and end in Hong Kong for destinations Asia.  Destinations USA, Europe and NZ can include international airfare upon request. Of course we can offer very competitive rates for hotels for any time frame of stay before or after the trip. Here are our basic inclusions:  
All meals and lodging twin shared at destinations. All Park entrance fees as scheduled on tours. Round trip transportation from/to Hong Kong to/from our destinations. All domestic transportation costs required for tour. Detailed information pack and itinerary upon receipt of booking form and payment. Mountain Bikes, Men's/Ladies/Children's frames in a full range of sizes and helmets. Western bi-lingual tour manager/bike mechanic and/or local bi-lingual guide. Accompanying air conditioned support vehicle(s). Drinks while cycling. Tips for Guides and Drivers (some tours excepted).Travel Industry bonding and public liability coverage. China Visa for our China Castle Houses Tour Only. (Must meet certain requirements.)  
Not Included: Visa's as required. International airfares. Lodgings before or after tour. Travel Insurance (recommended). Laundry. Personal Spending. 

Rider Reviews

July 30, 2014


Social and Environmental Responsibility

July 30, 2014

People are amazing and that is the bottom line.  Everyone brings something unique to the table.   Our practices are to avoid exploitation or discrimination in any way as well as support local initiatives where the local entrepreneur benefits most.

We are ever learning about limited resources and especially in Asia with its large population. We are trying our best to leave very small tire tracks and foot prints.  Small details like using 5 gallon refillable drums of water and bike bottles instead of small plastic water bottles or carrying all our garbage to larger cities that can handle it are a couple of examples. There are several Charities that we work with, especially with our School tours, where hands on help working with local communities (not them just watching us) is combined with some fantastic cycling or hikes.  

ARK and Chengdu 157Here are some of those charities we have really enjoyed working with:

Go2Serve Foundation   

The Zigen Fund

The Bright Connection   

Children's Charity International