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Hike the Great Wall!

Wild Wall Extreme Trek- Hiking the Great Wall! 

In a Nutshell:

This trek is over a route in Hebei Province. As usual, we keep the precise route location to ourselves, yet we assure you this is a supreme route that we are only offering to guests who are keen hikers. The complete route measures about 40 km, and its quite unique in that we are on the Wall for about 37 or 38 of those kilometers.

Participation on a WildWall Extreme trek will take you a step further into wilderness exploration of the Wall than a farmhouse-based trip. Spending several days and nights following the Wall immerses you deeper into the magnificent, wilderness and antiquarian world of Great Wall exploration and allows you to savour the landscape of the Wall day and night, and most importantly for photography, at dawn and dusk.

 We are prepared to take a group of about six on this trek, and are offering it only to a select group of 8 interested persons. All our equipment will be portered, leaving guests to carry their own daypack.

 Accommodation will be in top quality Korean tents, designed for four persons, but used only by two, in order to give participants more room.  Our field food is as well liked as our farmhouse food, so you can be sure you will enjoy the tucker!

Schedule and Pricing Information.


Day 1  AM flight to Beijing. Upon arrival drive out from Beijing Airport to Hebei location. Hike for 3 km up to first camp beside the Wall. This location is so beautiful you will never forget it, nor want to leave! 

Day 2 A wonderful full days hike following the Wall the whole way (14 km)

 Day 3 Another full day on the Wall (12km)

 Day 4 - Our final full days hiking on the Wall (12 km)

 Day 5 Short hike down from Wall after breakfast. Drive back to Beijing airport. Flight return to Hong Kong.

 **Summary: 3 x full-day hikes; two x quarter-day hikes; four nights in Wallside camps.

*Subject to our Terms/Conditions and Inclusions as published.  






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All photos copyright William Lindesay